DC-10 Turkish Airlines Flight 981

Climbing through 13,00ft, 981's radar label disappeared from ATC's radar screen just as a garbled transmission came over the frequency. In the background, words in Turkish followed by a pressurization warning and then an overspeed warning were heard. Continued calls from ATC went unanswered. Shortly after, calls came in to area police stations reporting a large explosion in the forest north of the Paris area. When rescuers reached the scene, only bits of the aircraft remained intact in the large area cut out by the crash. All 346 people aboard the aircraft were killed.......Investigators were able to locate both the flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) which were able to reveal many insights about the final moments of the flight of 981. Just as the aircraft was passing through 9,000ft at 300kts, there was a muffled explosion and the sound of air rushing which indicated a sudden decompression. At the same time, the number 2 throttle lever closed and the engine began to spool down. The captain asked what had happened to which Ulusman replied "The fuselage has burst!" The aircraft began to descend while banking to the left. Berkoz pulled the other throttles back and told Ulusman to bring the nose up to which he responded "I can't bring it up, she's not responding!" By this time, the aircraft was in a 20-degree nose down attitude and was continuing to accelerate. At 32 seconds after the explosion, the aircraft's overspeed warning horn sounded, indicating that the aircraft was about to exceed it's never-exceed speed. Shortly after Ulusman said "We've lost it..." and Berkoz said "It looks like we're going to hit the ground." Another few seconds after this, Berkoz apparently changed his mind and exclaimed "Speed!" as he pushed the throttles forward again. The nose began to rise and the G-forces began to rise as the aircraft tried to recover from it's dive. It was too late however. The aircraft struck the ground some 72 seconds after the explosion at 430kts.