What is Mcdonnells DC-10

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 McDonnell Douglas DC-10 has three engines it designed to medium and long journeys.Two engines mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. In the marketting states DC-10 raced with Airbus 311,Boeing 747, and Lockheed L-1011 Tristar. There are only 389 DC-10 has produced and 30 to the US Airforce as air to air refueling tankers designated the KC-10 Extender. In 1990 KC-10 Extender was changed with MD-11. Planing to Dc-10 was started in 1967. That's also Mcdonnell Douglas first commercial after the Mcdonnel Aircraft Corporation was joined the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1967. American Airlines offered a specification to manufacturers for a widebody aircraft smaller than the Boeing 747 but capable of flying similar long-range routes from airports with shorter runways.The DC-10 first flew on 29 August 1970 and entered commercial service with launch customer American Airlines on 5 August 1971. Almost identical cargo door blow-out caused Turkish Airlines Flight 981 to crash into a forest near the town of Ermenoville shortly after leaving Orly Airport in Paris on 3 March 1974 .335 passengers and 11 crews all dead. First version of DC-10 knows as serial 10 and their distance 6,112km, on serial 20 this distance is 9,265km and on serial 30 distance is 10,010km. Todays world, reasons of higher passenger capacity, DC-10 airplane using for cargo transportaion. The year of 2008 there is only one DC-10-30 for using the passenger transportation.